Federalism Is...

"Federalism" is the process by which two or more governments share powers over the same geographic area. In the United States, the Constitution grants certain powers to both the U.S. government and the state governments. Federalists honor the allocation of these shared powers as defined solely by the Constitution of the United States.

Welcome to The Federalist Coalition!

The Federalist Coalition is a true grassroots movement created, managed, and fueled by everyday Americans. Our goal is to remind our fellow citizens of the importance of Federalism, how it relates to the Constitution of the United States, and why this is imperative for our nation. We understand that America is comprised of many ethnicities, religions, and ideals and we all have different needs. That is why we are a Coalition. We know this government cannot be run by just some of the people, some of the time. As citizens, we must come together to claim our shared goal of Liberty. Never before has “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” been truer. Join us today in our pursuit of a more perfect Union and Liberty for all.

About Us

The Federalist Coalition is a 501(c)(4) organization, incorporated in the great state of Wyoming. We are made up of hard working men and women who believe that our nation was founded on principles of liberty and self-accountability. We exist to promote and educate Americans about these principles as articulated in the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Join the next principled movement.

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Can We Still Be Like Mike?

As a product of the ‘90s, I pretty much idolized Michael Jordan like most boys did (even if as a Jazz fan, I still have strong feelings about whether or not he pushed off on Bryon Russell). MJ was a unifying figure in American culture, unlike what is likely possible in America's present state. I’m sure there are many different reasons for this. He was a singular talent, he never backed down, and he was simply beautiful to watch.

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