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The pattern has soon become a more style of flies rather than one specific pattern. Tons of awesome variations so we decided to add one to the mix.

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Remember, this is a musky fly, regardless what fly pattern you use, you're casting super big flies all day with a heavy line and a heavy rod.

Game changer fly pattern. New micro spines have been developed, which allow even smaller gamechangers to be created. The micro changer is a small highly articulated baitfish pattern less than 2 inches long, with 7 articulated segments, something never before seen. I tied up my first one with these new spines last night.

People use feathers to make feathered gamechangers, you can make your own dubbing brush to create one with specific materials, or you can go with chockletts own game changer chenille that he created to make tying these a little easier. Any wide gape, heavy wire hook in size 4 to 8. 2019 international fly tackle dealer show.

A light wire hook will need keeling with lead wraps or a small scud weight. Techno game changer fly tying tutorial. His game changers have saved many days for me, and many trips.

This version is scaled down to about 3, and is a fantastic pattern for smaller water or picky fish. Go to our order flies page to see the full range of colors. Need something with the movement of a game changer, but still easy to tie?

We find that most recipes call for a lot of trimming, time, and material. The game changer is an articulated streamer pattern designed by blane chocklett of virginia. Now everyone can fish a game changer!

Fly rod for trout, but can also be used for targeting larger fish, such as lake striped bass, smallmouth and largemouth. Blane is an innovative fly tier that has brought many new concepts and materials to the fly tying community. I guarantee you a clouser weighs more than the fly below.

Below is a material list if you want to tie along. You will get tired regardless. The micro feather game changer is fly a pattern developed by blane chocklett.

15 hours ago, fishndave said: This thing swims incredibly well, and doesn't require the patience and time to assemble a complex game changer. Shop these fly patterns in our online store here!

Blane is a fishing guide of over 20 years and owner of new angle fishing company. At this virtual webinar john will be tying a game changer fly from start to finish. Blane chocklett's game changer flies come in freshwater, saltwater, trout, bass, pike and musky options.

If you want to tie your own game changers we sell the articulated spines and recommend the gamakatsu b10s #2/0 hook. If you would like more information on the game changer pattern head over to the next meeting blog ( link to blog. Looking for an easy bass fly that has incredible action?

Game changers in 4 and 6 are incredibly light and can be casted all day easily and with distance. Since 1994 in columbus, ohio May is the game changer streamer.

The micro changer is extremely light and easy to cast, even on a 2 or 3 wt. So far the game changer in its different iterations has caught many different species of fish all over the world from trout to roosterfish. Add some super glue to the tip of the tail to increase dura

Techno bunny simplified the process while getting the same results. Also a great smallmouth fly. If you have taken either one of these classes you are aware of how great of an instructor he is.

The fly you’ll want when you’re grilling behind your car in the parking lot of your favorite sports team or little league baseball game and there. On orders over $50* fly fishing professionals. The ideal body material for tying chocklett's game changer is chocklett's body wrap from hareline dubbin.

In the world of fly tying, it is not very often something truly game changing comes around. See more ideas about fly tying, game changer, flying. Game changer fly pattern recipe ideas.

A kona big game hunter is a great choice. When fishing is slow, try a game changer. The gamechanger fly pattern is one of the most realistic bugs out there.

The game changer has evolved to become a fly design style, not a specific fly pattern, and i create game changers with different materials for different species and situations. The “game changer” whether you are referring to the fly or its creator blane chocklett, the name is fitting.

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