Press Release – Launching The Federalist Coalition

Over the last few years it has become undeniably evident neither of the two major political parties in the United States represents the will of the American people.  As citizens, we expect the various levels of government, particularly the federal government, to protect us from external threats and conduct sound foreign policy.  Beyond that, leave us alone to live, work, and raise our families.

Both parties, instead, have worked together to expand the size and role of the federal government to levels which increasingly exceed the authority envisioned by the founding fathers.

The time has come to drastically reduce the burgeoning federal government and return power to the state and local governments; to us, the people.

Our country was founded to escape a tyrannical ruling class.  Our constitution was written with the express intent of preventing a hereditary aristocracy and instead, be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Unfortunately, an ad hoc aristocracy has formed in our country in the shape of career politicians and political operatives beholden to a crony capitalist system.  The politicians use the tax code and other legislation to further the interests of huge multinational corporations and line their own pockets. They have an unholy alliance with a news media that is more interested in telling people what they should think than what the facts show.

It is abundantly clear that no man or woman can return America back to greatness.  There is no “savior” who can make us whole; only the principles of limited, constitutionally-bound government can provide us with the liberty for which we thirst.

Towards that end, a group of hard working American citizens have begun to unite under the banner of The Federalist Coalition.  We are an organization dedicated to promoting federalism as described in the Federalist Papers and a constitutionally-limited government. We endeavor to educate all citizens on these principles and values as well as the options beyond the two major parties.

We want nothing for ourselves other than a return to what truly made America the greatest country in the world.  We are not professional political operatives.  We do not seek personal power, wealth, or fame in return for our hard work.  We come from all walks of life.  We are teachers, business people, military veterans, tradesmen, and healthcare professionals.  Simply put, we are ordinary Americans who have taken on the extraordinary task of breaking the iron fist of excessive government, and returning power back to the state and local governments.  We seek governance of we the people by “we the people.”

Although many months of hard work have been put into this project, there is much work to be done.  We call on all Americans, no matter race, sex, religion, or creed, who are fed up with an intrusive, overreaching federal government to join us.

Anyone, including YOU can play a part.  However great or small the contribution, all can participate.  We are actively recruiting individuals who will help us advance our cause.  We need writers, speakers, social media experts, subject matter experts, businesspeople and those willing to make calls, re-tweet our tweets or share our Facebook messages.  We will need dedicated Americans who are willing to envision an America beyond the current uniparty system.  We will need funding, as the founding board members have funded this movement on our own thus far.  We are asking for like-minded patriots to step forward to promote, volunteer, contribute, but most importantly to learn about us by signing up on our website:, following us on twitter @realfedco, and liking us on Facebook

Join us in educating and promoting the principles that made American Experiment the most successful one ever. No matter which political party you have belonged to, whether you have ever taken an interest or been politically active before, or which politicians you have supported, if you believe in government of, by, and for the people, join our fight.

God Bless you, and, God Bless the United States of America.

We will #RescueAmerica