The Uniparty Revealed

Uniparty. The term admittedly exudes chicanery; cloak and dagger of the crudest sort. The truth, however, is far less sinister and yet potentially more dangerous than most people realize.

Many are unaware that our current two-party system began as the single, Democratic-Republican party. Over the years, the two parties have split. Separately, they have continued to dominate the political landscape for nearly two hundred years. The two appear drastically different at a glance, but the similarities reveal themselves when examined over the decades. Consider for a moment that it was Democrats who formed the white supremacist group, the Ku-Klux-Klan. Now the Alt-Right white supremacists associate with the Republicans. They’ve both had successes as well. It was the Republicans, in the 80s and 90s, who helped bring down the Berlin Wall and break up the former Soviet Union. Today, Democrats have laid the groundwork for socialism, including single-payer healthcare. They have set the stage to significantly diminish the power of the 2nd Amendment, and are poised to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Throughout history, the pendulum swings, yet the goal remains the same: Power and control.

Although these two parties have been intertwined throughout American history, rarely has this closeness been as obvious as it was over the past eight years. Democrats have become the dominant party and Republicans have become a repository for all those opposed. Republicans pose as if they are opposed to Democrat endeavors but despite nearly 22 years of holding one or both houses of Congress, they actually do very little to stop the Democrats.

The ineffectiveness of the Republicans against overreaching Democrat policy at odds with our Constitution is a clear demonstration of how the two parties are willing to work together to trade power back and forth in the pursuit of a unified dream of dominance over the American people. Thanks to the collusion of Republicans with Democrats, we have lost the “by the people, for the people” dream of our Founding Fathers.

Despite being a practical term, Uniparty is also a reflection of our political system. In past years, people claimed we have an open party system where we have freedom and opportunity and everyone has a voice. That was during the pre-internet darkness, when it was far more difficult for large groups of people to share ideas. Today, it has become clearer than ever we are limited – and worse — controlled by a “two-party” system in opposition to the Constitutional limits upon government and governmental control.

We know it sounds crazy. After all, we have the Libertarian, Constitution, Green, Conservative, among a plethora of other parties. Here is the thing: We call them all “third party.” This type of generalization diminishes these other perspectives. Because of this condescension, we end up with Republicans, Democrats, and… everyone else. It’s easy to say the reason for this is that only Rs and Ds can win. Of course only Rs and Ds can win; THEY are the only ones we ever take seriously. This sort of negative campaigning doesn’t happen by accident. The politicians who crave power and the media who need access consistently push this narrative year after year. The public eats it up. Thus, the Uniparty maintains control and any challengers are summarily dismissed as “third party.”

To confront this corrupt Uniparty, the Federalist Coalition was born. The goal is to unite the American people, all who feel unwanted by the Uniparty. We welcome those who no longer feel they have representation in the cesspool of Washington insider elites. The Coalition is an alliance of citizens who have grown weary of the manipulation, the control, and the tedious back-and-forth of the Uniparty that pushes to maintain their own, twisted, status quo. The Constitution clearly states exactly what the limitations of the Federal Government are. Every time this corrupt, power-hungry government overreaches is a violation of the Constitution. It is against the law. They only get away with it because we stand idly by and let it happen.

Not anymore. Not now. Not ever again.

This is our chance. Stand up. Break your chains. Tell, no… show your masters this oppression ends now.

Join us. Join the Federalist Coalition. Together, we will refresh the American dream, put an end to the Uniparty, and restore the Constitutional limits established by our Founding Fathers.