Monthly Archives: December 2016

General (Ret) James Mattis

General (Ret) James Mattis, Nominee for Secretary of Defense and Congressional Waivers Much has been said about President-Elect Trump’s potential nominees during the vetting process, especially for the key Secretary of Defense position in the Executive Branch. President-Elect Trump has nominated General (Ret.) James “Mad Dog” Mattis, U.S. Marine Corps. General Mattis has an impressive resume in regards to military service, with the experience necessary to understand the complexities of National Defense, military engagement in the world, and cooperation between […]

Senator Jefferson B. Sessions

Senator Jefferson B. Sessions, Nominee for Attorney General of the United States President-elect Donald Trump nominated Senator Jefferson B. Sessions (R-AL) as the Attorney General for the United States of America on November 18, 2016. His nomination again sparked controversy, with renewed speculation over his past actions during his time as Assistant United States Attorney in the Office of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama and as United States Attorney for the same office, for which […]

The Federalist System

Despite their many differences, most countries have one thing in common: a centralized government as the ruling body, with smaller parcels of territory sectioned off for subordinate leaders to directly control the populace. Such was the governmental system in place when our thirteen founding colonies were established. However, our forefathers revolted against the British precisely to escape this sort of oppressive governing. They saw a better way that allowed the people to rule over their government rather than having the […]