Not a Puppet on a String

by El Perro Grande

I get very frustrated when folks express the sentiment that big federal government is here to stay, and there is nothing we can do about it.  That feeling of utter helplessness with every new and more intrusive regulation, statue, and clause, is imposed against free people.  Americans feel suffocated by the very government that is supposed to be out for their best interests.

But many feel that they can’t do anything about it.  

The alleged Obamacare reform bill recently proposed by Speaker Ryan is a perfect example.  The bill’s defenders said its overreaches were “inevitable” or “compromises” or “political” and we just had to live with them.  Opponents were accused of wanting to “let people die.”

Nah, folks, I don’t think so.  The federal government was NOT created to be my Daddy, my Mommy, my moral compass, my priest, my purpose in life…nothing!!

It’s hard to tell that America is not supposed to be this way.   The federal government has latched its steely talons into every aspect of our lives. So why continue to be a puppet dancing to the tune of ever increasing, soul crushing, job eradicating regulations, while simultaneously getting taxed into oblivion?

We DO have a voice because WE, THE DAMN PEOPLE are the ones that send these clowns to D.C. to represent OUR best interests and NOT their own!! That’s why we can cut those strings and lift up our voices loudly by going to town meetings and phoning and writing local representatives. That’s where we’ll have the MOST impact- at the local level. If just 10% of us in this nation would stand up and do that, folks, just 10%, and I mean resolute and dedicated fellow Americans, then there would be such a thunderous & powerful tsunami of REAL change and accountability that it would sweep through Washington and carry every bureaucrat out to sea with it.

“Drain the Swamp!” Sounds cute, but there’s a fatal flaw in that approach. What happens AFTER you drain said swamp?

Just like a kitchen or bathroom sink at home, there are some things that CANNOT be sent careening down the drain because they will get stuck in the pipes.  I could name several federal agencies that fit that category to a tee- the EPA and IRs for starters.  So how do we fix THAT?  By re-evaluating each and every federal agency and culling the herd.  I don’t mean just cut a few million here or there just redistribute it to either ANOTHER department or as part of a “stimulus package (sound familiar?).  I’m talking about REALLY getting in there and stripping it ALL down to its foundation; a federal government as our Founders intended.  Use Article I, Section 8 as a blueprint.

  • To provide for a common defense,
  • To regulate intrastate and tribe commerce and commerce with foreign nations
  • To establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States
  • To coin money and, regulate the value thereof and of foreign Coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures
  • To establish Post Offices and Post Roads
  • To establish patents and copyright laws
  • To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court
  • To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations and for the President, foreign policy.

That’s it.  No education, transportation, health care, agriculture, etc. etc. – NONE of that!

That’ll go a long way in helping pay off the deficit and then we can start tackling the debt itself after that, but we’ll never be able to do anything if we don’t have the right people in place in D.C, in our respective state legislatures, (which is where MOST of the power is supposed to be in the first place), and at the local/municipal level.

How ‘bout we try getting back to REAL FEDERALISM just to shake things up a bit? I’m in, how about YOU?  

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  1. Remo W says:

    Well said! Most people today have become lazy. They don’t want to ask the appropriate questions which in turns, forces them to have to think for themselves. They’ve been so dependent on the government telling them how to think and what to believe in that they willingly overlook the fact that those talons you mentioned have dug firmly into their backs.