Monthly Archives: July 2017

Interview with Ben Howe

In our continued effort to explore thoughts on federalism and the Constitution with prominent political leaders, we reached to Ben Howe.  Mr. Howe is a writer and filmmaker who gained attention late in 2010 for a series of politically charged videos that went viral and helped him launch his production company Mister Smith Media, which was later renamed Howe Creative.  Prior to the election in 2016, Mr. Howe and his team released the controversial crowd-funded documentary, The Sociopath, currently distributed […]

Response to HR 3003

Senator Toomey  Mr. Grassley, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Inhofe, Mr. Cotton, Mrs. Capito, Mr. Perdue, Mr. Boozman, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Wicker, Mr. Blunt, and Mrs. Fischer Washington, DC 20510   Dear Senator XX, Senator XX, I would like to introduce you to the Federalist Coalition. We are 501(c) (4) organization composed of entirely volunteer, grassroots citizens dedicated to promoting and advocating the concepts of American Federalism. We are a diverse group with members from coast to coast. Knowing you to be a staunch defender of the Constitution, we are writing you to […]

We Need an Article V Convention

Last week, a resolution to call for an Article V Convention of the States failed in the North Carolina House of Representatives.  North Carolina would have been the 13th state to pass such a resolution, and a resolution had already passed the NC Senate.  Specifically, Article V of the United States Constitution defines the process for making constitutional amendments. This can be done by two mechanisms. The first is through passage of an amendment by Congress.  Any Amendment passed through […]