Monthly Archives: September 2017

An Awakening of Federalism

While we may not yet be able to see it, I believe the circumstances of our most recent presidencies have set the stage for an awakening of federalism. Federalism, as manifested in American constitutional government, is a multilateral system where limits and checks on power are more important than the exercise of power, and the rights and liberties of the people are more important than the risks those rights and liberties may place on society. Federalism is inherently optimistic in […]

At Our Best

In the past weeks we have witnessed a continuous stream of heart wrenching scenes as successive hurricanes have caused millions to flee their homes.  The damage and destruction we’ve seen nature unleash upon our fellow Americans is both frightening and humbling.  But, as in all tragedies, there are moments of hope and inspiration often centered around individual and collective acts of selfless bravery and love. I would be the first to admit that the heightened emotion and frantic passion of […]

On Rights

Rights are fundamental principles upon which every government in history has built the foundations of legitimacy, forming the basic structure and content of law.  The variances of political philosophy and morals in society, as represented in dramatically different approaches to government, center around alternate approaches to and understandings of the definition of rights and upon whom such rights are naturally conferred.  Even a philosophy of absolute despotism concedes and preaches the existence of rights, for how else could such a […]