Monthly Archives: March 2018

Interview with Judge James L Buckley

In this most recent edition of our ongoing interview series with influential political leaders, we have been given the opportunity to ask questions of one the country’s true elder statesmen, James L. Buckley.  Judge Buckley is a former senator from New York.  He also served in the Reagan administration as Undersecretary of State, and was later appointed by Ronald Reagan as a District Court of Appeals Judge for the District of Columbia.  James Buckley is a distinguished author and expert […]

Federalist Runs for City Council 

Corey Kelly, a 5th generation Needville resident has decided to run for the City Council at-large position. Mr. Kelly is the Director of Information Technology for the Needville Independent School District and says that he truly loves “his little town.” He says that he has always had the urge to give back to his community, and that he draws inspiration from his family’s history in Needville, where his third-great grandfather is buried just a mile from his home. Despite the […]