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Be Conscious of Liberty and Justice, Not Class or Ethnicity

Free society can only exist where the markets of both goods and ideas remain open.  That is to say, individual liberty beyond a solitary existence is impossible to maintain if an economy has become overwhelmed by non-market factors or if ideas become crimes by their theoretical merit alone.  This is why class consciousness and ethnic consciousness can become the greatest threats to a free society.  If the predominant factor of life upon which individuals dwell becomes real or perceived injustices […]

Interview with Hais, Ross, and Winograd

We have an incredibly thought provoking interview to share with readers this week.  Mike Hais, Morley Winograd, and Doug Ross are the authors of “Healing American Democracy: Going Local.”  Recognizing the ever growing political divide amongst the citizens, and the equally growing lack of faith in the federal government, Hais, Winograd, and Ross discuss revitalizing the local community as the center of governmental decision making.  All three of the authors are well versed in American politics, considering themselves as practitioners […]