Federalism Tops the Agenda in White House Meetings

This content was reposted with permission from the author, Utah State Representative Ken Ivory.  The original piece can be seen here.  As a reminder, the Federalist Coalition is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization seeking to encourage politicians of all political persuasions to support a return to decentralized governance.  We support any efforts and will applaud any political figure willing to support and communicate the principles of American Federalism.  This article is not an endorsement of any political party or candidate.


“Tell us what you need from us.” “What can we do for you.” “This President truly believes in the Tenth Amendment and our constitutional structure of federalism.”

This was the message Vice President Mike Pence and top administration officials repeatedly delivered throughout the half day of meetings we had at the White House on June 22nd. The Trump Administration invited Utah lawmakers and county officials to the White House to begin the process of restoring much needed balance in the governing roles and responsibilities between the national and state and local governments.

As the founder and chair of the Utah Commission on Federalism, it was an honor to attend these meetings. I welcome the opportunity to work with the Administration to revitalize our unique governing structure of federalism, which was designed by the Framers to magnify our individual governing voices in order to secure the greatest degree of efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in government.

Renowned systems expert W. Edwards Deming once said “Every system is perfectly designed to achieved the results that it gets.”

Our governing system was uniquely designed “to secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” However, after decades of failing to maintain the system, the results we are getting today are astronomical deficits and debts and governing control increasingly farther away from the voice of and accountability to the people

Like a bicycle left out in the yard for several years without proper care, maintenance on our governing system has been ignored for decades. We have been conditioned to focus solely on who rides our governing “bicycle” or whether it should go left or right. Meanwhile, the system itself is so out of balance that our “bicycle of state” is in serious disrepair.

James Madison, introducing the Bill of rights in the First Congress of the United States, said the State Legislatures are “the sure guardians” of the People’s liberty. Restoring balancing in our governing system and reclaiming your governing voice is why I first ran for the state legislature in 2010. Leaders and organizations around the nation are following our lead the federalism work we are doing in Utah.

Building on the tremendous progress we have made locally and nationally over the past 8 years is why I seek to continue serving as your state representative.

I need your help to keep moving this work forward. Would you please consider making a donation and volunteering on my campaign?

It is a great honor to serve you, our District 47, our State, and our nation in this important work.

In Liberty,