Idaho Representative Introduces Bill to Establish Committee on Federalism

COn February 15, 2019 in the Idaho Legislature 65th Session, 2019-2020, Representative Jason Monks introduced a bill to add a Joint Committee on Federalism under Chapter 93, of Title 67 of the Code of Laws of Idaho.

Positive Citizen Impact: If amended, the Joint Committee on Federalism will be responsible for evaluating and reporting on any federal law that is found to violate the principle of federalism as follows:

“(2) The committee shall monitor and review federal acts, laws, and regulations that may impact the jurisdiction, governance, and sovereignty of the state of Idaho. The committee shall evaluate whether said federal acts, laws, and regulations are authorized by the United States constitution or if they violate the principles of federalism. The committee shall from time to time advise the legislature of its findings and recommendations.”

If a federal law is found to be in violation of any of the criteria listed above, the Joint Committee on Federalism will recommend to the Idaho Legislature actions to address the violation.

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