Monthly Archives: June 2020

What We Have Is Systemic Dysfunction

We have no single politician, news outlet, public figure, or institution to blame for the contentious spirit that currently grips our nation. Ultimately, we have lost a single necessary ingredient of free society that allows people of different beliefs and viewpoints to be able to function and live alongside each other: respectful disagreement. These days disagreement is seen as a personal attack and a fundamental assault as opposed to simply a differing perspective. Instead of viewing someone’s disagreement as an […]

A New Birth of Freedom

Every Memorial Day, I set aside a few minutes to read the powerful but surprisingly brief words of the Gettysburg Address. I am always impressed by Lincoln’s ability to, in so few words, deliver something so profound and so timeless. We often talk about how America is an idea. But, the brave men of Lincoln’s address and the brave souls of men and women across the history of our nation have not only hallowed the battlefields where they labored in […]