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The Federalist Coalition is a 501(c)(4) organization, incorporated in the great state of Wyoming. We are made up of hard working men and women who believe that our nation was founded on principles of liberty and self-accountability.  We exist to promote and educate Americans about these principles as articulated in the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Join the next principled movement.



Our Organization

Membership: General membership in the Coalition is open to anyone who is agrees with our core principles. For a limited time, membership dues are waived, but donations are welcomed. General members are free to participate in Coalition committees, forums and social media.

The Council: The Council is the core working group of the Coalition and as such, requires a commitment to attend meetings (phone or electronic) and participate in committee work. The Council also elects the Board of Directors. Council members can be committee chairs and hold some officer positions.  Council members also recommend strategy, tactics and policy to the Board of Directors. The inaugural Council will be named by the Board of Directors with subsequent Councils elected by the general membership for two year terms.

Board of Directors: The Federalist Coalition, Inc. is managed and governed by the Board of Directors.  The Board is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization as well as strategy and policy. The current Directors are the founding members of the Coalition and will serve out staggered terms. Future Directors will be elected by the Council to six year terms.  The Directors are volunteers and receive no compensation for their work on behalf of the Coalition.

Profiles of our leadership team can be found HERE

Mission Statement:

The Federalist Coalition exists to promote, through public discourse, social advocacy, and education, the ideals of federalism, liberty, and a return to shared sovereignty amongst the several states and the federal government.


Vision Statement:

Federalism is a philosophy based on shared sovereignty amongst the several states and the federal government.  Its ideals are best exemplified in the Federalist Papers, composed by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.  A strong federal government is needed to provide for the protection of the people and the preservation of peace and liberty within the country.  However, history reveals that the people are best suited when the power of the federal government is checked both internally and by the state governments which share power with it.  To this end, the Federalist Coalition recognizes that that delicate balance has, over time, been made uneven in favor of the federal government.  This organization seeks to return that balance by the following actions:

  • Educating the American people on the basis and importance of federalism as a governing philosophy.
  • Advocating for the repeal of laws that throw off the necessary balance or are outright unconstitutional.
  • Encouraging Americans take pride in themselves, their work, their communities, and their country.


Our bylaws can be found HERE