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The Federalist System

Despite their many differences, most countries have one thing in common: a centralized government as the ruling body, with smaller parcels of territory sectioned off for subordinate leaders to directly control the populace. Such was the governmental system in place when our thirteen founding colonies were established. However, our forefathers revolted against the British precisely to escape this sort of oppressive governing. They saw a better way that allowed the people to rule over their government rather than having the […]

The Uniparty Revealed

Uniparty. The term admittedly exudes chicanery; cloak and dagger of the crudest sort. The truth, however, is far less sinister and yet potentially more dangerous than most people realize. Many are unaware that our current two-party system began as the single, Democratic-Republican party. Over the years, the two parties have split. Separately, they have continued to dominate the political landscape for nearly two hundred years. The two appear drastically different at a glance, but the similarities reveal themselves when examined […]