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The United States was born out of a desire for liberty.  Among the liberties enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the right to life.  The tenth amendment also gives the States the responsibility of governing its citizens in all matters other than those authorities expressly granted to the Federal government. In the Roe v Wade decision, the Supreme Court justices’ decision was what Hamilton would have called “an exercise in judicial will as opposed to judgment on the law.” The constructing of a new right, based on a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment due process clause was activism, not judgement.


Furthermore, medical science has made abundantly clear that human life begins at the moment of conception, and therefore, the Federalist Coalition holds that Constitutional protections apply to the unborn child. That these children shall not be deprived of their lives without due process of law is paramount to the infrastructure our forefathers created.

Some individuals will argue that states should be allowed to regulate pregnancy termination and we respect that opinion, but believe that the 5th and 14th amendments give unborn citizens the right to avoid termination without legal due process.  It is a legitimate role of the Federal government to protect these lives if the States fail to do so.

Federal funds accrued from the public should not be used to support abortion, nor should the federal government engage itself in making laws in support of this this act, as such laws are unconstitutional.


Many members of The Federalist Coalition do not support efforts to legalize euthanasia. The federalist perspective on this issue, however, is that unless euthanasia is not voluntary, ie taking of human life without due process, the Federal government has no authority to usurp the States’ right to govern in this area. Advocacy on this issue belongs at the local level.

The Death Penalty

Regarding the death penalty, we recognize that we are a society of laws. As we hold that the law provides no due process for unborn children, the Constitution does provide intercession for the rest of us via the Fifth Amendment. We remain steadfast in the belief that, other than in Federal cases such a treason, this decision is one for the state governments who more closely represent the will of the people.

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