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The Federalist Coalition encourages a thriving community of authors and we promote various writing styles. All submissions will range from 600 – 800 words and must arrive complete. Articles must be submitted in a plain text format. We will publish under pseudonyms, though all submissions must include the writer’s real name, home address, e-mail address, and phone number. The Federalist Coalition editors and Board of Directors reserve the right to refuse any submission for any reason.

All submissions will be edited for grammar, spelling and clarity, organization and logic. Our editors strive to preserve an author’s “voice” and context and every contributor has the opportunity to apply suggestions or approve the final version prior to publishing.

Perspectives (opinion) should have a direct relation to federalism. There must be a clear and compelling point. The goal of the article or phrasing must not seek to harm or defame, slander, harass, or otherwise degrading remarks especially in relation toward race, sex, etc (this sentence needs to be written better. Certain things are okay to say, but we don’t want people slamming Trump supporters or saying Tami Lahren is too skinny, young, and pretty to know anything… that sort of thing).

Articles reflect on a variety of topics, are considered trustworthy, and are most often factual in both context and content. They are often topical and timely. Persuasive articles should have clear evidence supporting a specific argument. News articles and biographies should be neutral narratives, simply laying out facts. All articles will have citations that support each argument presented.

Educational material is unsolicited and is often chosen from existing articles or perspectives. Occasionally, an article topic will be commissioned by special request. Educational articles are the epitome of fact-based and typically revolve around teaching concepts and principles of the Constitution and Federalism.